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on March 3, 2013

What you allow
Have you ever read a quote that smacked you right in the face? That’s exactly what happened when I read the quote “What you allow is what will continue.” It jumped right off the screen and called me out!

You see, over the past 2 1/2 years I’ve made some major changes in my eating habits. However, it has been a MAJOR struggle trying to get my kiddos to do the same. It doesn’t help when it seems like everything out there is working against me (another post for another time). What my kids eat for breakfast bothers me. What do they eat? Cereal. It’s what I grew up on and has always seemed like a no-brainer. However, I now know that this isn’t the best thing for them. Even though I try to steer clear of the sugary cereals – with the cartoon characters on the box! – I know that it still isn’t “healthy.” But what have I done about it? Nothing. I have allowed it…heck, I’ve been the one buying it! So, it has continued. Until now.

I did something risky this week at the grocery store. I didn’t buy cereal! GASP!! Instead, today I spent my afternoon preparing breakfast options for the kiddos. I made sausage and egg “cupcakes” and paleo cinnamon roll pancakes (shhhhh…don’t tell them they are healthy!). Of course, fresh fruit will be on the menu as well. So far, they seem okay with it. But keep in mind they haven’t had to eat the new options yet as they just finished off the cereal this morning. I’m praying all goes well in the morning. I’ll keep you posted.


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