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Punishment, Payment or Privilege?

on March 11, 2013

change because you love
If you go to a gym to exercise, have you ever noticed that there tends to be more poeple there on Mondays than other days of the week? You’ll probably hear several people say something like, “I completely fell off the wagon this weekend! I really need a killer workout today.” You might hear this kind of comment at work, school, or your kids’ bus stop, too. Others view Mondays as a fresh start saying “I feel so fat! I HAVE to start working out.” Both of these statements make exercise seem like a punishment. Punishment for making poor food choices, eating too much or not liking how you look.

Others make statements that indicate that they think of exercise as a payment. “The only reason I’m out here running is so that I can have dessert tonight.” They barter with themselves. If they want to eat certain foods, they make sure they work out harder or longer so that they won’t feel guilty.

What if we “transformed our minds” and thought of exercise as a privilege? I feel like God has given me the ability, the strength, the energy, even the opportunity to exercise. Even on the days when I don’t have the energy or the strength, God helps me through it. I know that it is an opportunity to keep my body healthy and strong so that I can serve Him by serving those around me. Let’s not think of exercise as something we HAVE to do, but as something we GET to do!

***Update on “Operation Cereal Elimination”
So far, so good! Comments have included “this is so filling” and “we should do this every week.” I did think I was headed for trouble last Wednesday, though, when my son opened the pantry saying “I really want cereal” as if it had magically appeared overnight. Once he realized that there still wasn’t any cereal, he was okay and pretty happy with his alternative breakfast. I am a little concerned that they are going to tire of their current options and want something different. So, if you have any ideas, I’d love to hear them!


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